Friday, April 26, 2013


Im talkin bout the right 1, that’s me/ They talkin how I write 1 wit such ease/ So dam simple I cud do it n my sleep/ Rhymes poppin like pimples on a jr. high geek/ Guarantee I get a chance I’ll take the nation by surprise/ Ima try n make dat happen real soon here in life/ I need 2 get this paper 4 my kids n future wife/ that’s y im writin all day n recordin all nite/ I think I need 2 light 1, skunk weed/ Cuzz I b getting high from, da blunt tree/ Its so damn easy I cud do it while I nap/ Roll a rap n a snap like the bacc of my hat/ Its my time 2 shine, im ready 4 da lime/ Im almost 2 my prime n ima b there like 9/ Plus another 9 n then that’ll b the time/ 2 retire 2 the pines n just smoke n drink fine/


a king introduced to his throne/ 1983, february 24/ billions of people on the planet when Im born/ but zero like me have ever been spawn/ Im the year of the boar, Im a great white shark/ Pisces be the sign when i look up at the stars/ got the heart of a giraffe, the strongest in our kingdom/ if u dont believe me u can google it or bing it/ i got an i.q. around 1-5-2/ not too many people can fit my shoes/ Im like a boomerang when i spit these raps/ my words circle round the room then i bring em right bacc/ my rhymes are like an intoxicating trap/ they leave your mind wandering askin how to get bacc/ but your just so intrigued, by this king, u adapt/ your just sittin bacc waitin for more wisdom to grasp/


Ima niner, he’s a raider but we on the same team/ Wit this music, career shit, chasin da cream/ I do what I do cuzz dats what im good at/ Use 2 play baseball so im good wit a wood bat/ Even umpired lil league 2 get sum extra cash/ What u know bout that, ha, go head n laugh/ Im old school but I pioneer of my own time/ Ive been fooled b4 but never twice by the same kind/ Ima raider of a lost art, combine so many different parts/ Hip hop, gangsta rap, rocc n roll n reagatone/ Uza wanksta ima bloccstar, show u how I rep it hard/ Cr-hip hop, gangsta crip, siccess n saucee don/ Wit the undaboss ghost lansky right across/ Supreme raider shit, the borgata keep it sauce/ Keep perfectin the lost art even in a time of loss/ Raiders always huddle up cuzz we fightin 4 a cause/

Monday, April 8, 2013


SICCeSS dont stop even if u call da cops/ be right bacc on top if they ever knocc us off/ chasin da gwop til da wheels fall off/ call me ronnie lott hit the hardest on da blocc/ ima 1 stop shop if u wanna smoke or pop/ u'll hear 1 glocc pop if your mouth run talk/ u think u da boss well i know u not/ been a G since a tot u can ask my pops/ i toss roccs like i mastered hop scotch/ pop my mouth lots cuz im comfy in my soccs/ more game than a jocc keep it movin like a watch/ more vicious than a rot SiCCeSS dont stop/ my life crazy like a fox up in down like stoccs/ but i keep it on locc so it dont wander off/ always give u da drop like my name stuart scott/ stay rollin up da pot i love 2 choke n cough/


I listen 2 the streets, they like a father 2 me/ i keep my ear 2 the ground, might have a project 4 me/ climbin up the knowledge tree & away from agony/ im tryna legalize weed & dispose of all the D/ im tryna live healthy, enjoy all the pleasures/ but its almost 2 the point, i gotta take sum drastic measures/ im after jarassic treasures, not tryna drown n the hood/ i got more pep than frat steppers so u know im all good/ i wanna C SiCCeSS, the stress level drop/ riches in the future picture, never jaw wit da cops/ one love 2 my pops, we gotta stay strong together/ u bout 2 lose your wife, she terminal wit cancer/ already lost 3 homies, both my grandpas/ my world startin 2 get lonely, did they die 4 a cause? so much agony & pain, it never goes away/ so i get down on my knees. i bow my head & i pray/