Friday, April 26, 2013


Im talkin bout the right 1, that’s me/ They talkin how I write 1 wit such ease/ So dam simple I cud do it n my sleep/ Rhymes poppin like pimples on a jr. high geek/ Guarantee I get a chance I’ll take the nation by surprise/ Ima try n make dat happen real soon here in life/ I need 2 get this paper 4 my kids n future wife/ that’s y im writin all day n recordin all nite/ I think I need 2 light 1, skunk weed/ Cuzz I b getting high from, da blunt tree/ Its so damn easy I cud do it while I nap/ Roll a rap n a snap like the bacc of my hat/ Its my time 2 shine, im ready 4 da lime/ Im almost 2 my prime n ima b there like 9/ Plus another 9 n then that’ll b the time/ 2 retire 2 the pines n just smoke n drink fine/

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