Friday, April 26, 2013


Ima niner, he’s a raider but we on the same team/ Wit this music, career shit, chasin da cream/ I do what I do cuzz dats what im good at/ Use 2 play baseball so im good wit a wood bat/ Even umpired lil league 2 get sum extra cash/ What u know bout that, ha, go head n laugh/ Im old school but I pioneer of my own time/ Ive been fooled b4 but never twice by the same kind/ Ima raider of a lost art, combine so many different parts/ Hip hop, gangsta rap, rocc n roll n reagatone/ Uza wanksta ima bloccstar, show u how I rep it hard/ Cr-hip hop, gangsta crip, siccess n saucee don/ Wit the undaboss ghost lansky right across/ Supreme raider shit, the borgata keep it sauce/ Keep perfectin the lost art even in a time of loss/ Raiders always huddle up cuzz we fightin 4 a cause/

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