Monday, April 8, 2013


SICCeSS dont stop even if u call da cops/ be right bacc on top if they ever knocc us off/ chasin da gwop til da wheels fall off/ call me ronnie lott hit the hardest on da blocc/ ima 1 stop shop if u wanna smoke or pop/ u'll hear 1 glocc pop if your mouth run talk/ u think u da boss well i know u not/ been a G since a tot u can ask my pops/ i toss roccs like i mastered hop scotch/ pop my mouth lots cuz im comfy in my soccs/ more game than a jocc keep it movin like a watch/ more vicious than a rot SiCCeSS dont stop/ my life crazy like a fox up in down like stoccs/ but i keep it on locc so it dont wander off/ always give u da drop like my name stuart scott/ stay rollin up da pot i love 2 choke n cough/

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