Monday, April 8, 2013


I listen 2 the streets, they like a father 2 me/ i keep my ear 2 the ground, might have a project 4 me/ climbin up the knowledge tree & away from agony/ im tryna legalize weed & dispose of all the D/ im tryna live healthy, enjoy all the pleasures/ but its almost 2 the point, i gotta take sum drastic measures/ im after jarassic treasures, not tryna drown n the hood/ i got more pep than frat steppers so u know im all good/ i wanna C SiCCeSS, the stress level drop/ riches in the future picture, never jaw wit da cops/ one love 2 my pops, we gotta stay strong together/ u bout 2 lose your wife, she terminal wit cancer/ already lost 3 homies, both my grandpas/ my world startin 2 get lonely, did they die 4 a cause? so much agony & pain, it never goes away/ so i get down on my knees. i bow my head & i pray/

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