Friday, May 31, 2013


crazy thoughts all the time, like parasites in my mind/
searchin thru the darkness 4 a single ray of sunshine/
never been gun shy, never will i run & hide/
im standin up for the fight, willin to fight 4 my rights/
never will a break stride, accepted my role in life/
born with enhanced sight so i use it when i write/
apply it 2 everyday life keep pushin til i get it right/
& if i get a chance 2 save a life i'll save a life/
no more pipe dreams, no more pill fiends/
all done wit plot schemes time 2 produce real green/
time 4 a new scene the last one was bootsy/
time 4 a new queen the last few were moody/
i have visions of the future, up early like a rooster/
2day i awoke normal one day i'll be super/
might take a few years but it could be sooner/
stay focused on the prize aka str8 shooter/

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


its time 4 me to C the light, time 2 change my life/ 1st step i gotta take, gettin rid of my wife/ no more stress, no more drama now i can have a clear mind/ & the 2nd step i'll take is 2 quit livin trife/ no more faulty people around me that can stab my baccside/ i dont wanna have to ride, i'd rather roll up n get high/ just sit bacc & write rhymes, sip the gac n spit lines/ u dont wanna C my bad side n i dont wanna be the bad guy/ 3rd step i'll take, quit fuccin wit these hoes/ cuz they only dig for gold & i cant have that in my life/ i cant take no more lies, thats not the way i roll/ i can tell i'm gettin old, my senses r startin 2 grow/ i can C thru the hate, still i stand in the cold/ i can C thru the fake but dont know what the future holds/ i do have future goals & some lifetime aspirations/ so the 4th step i'm takin, is self preservation/


i love 2 make music, time 4 me 2 prove it/ get me out this ruin, ima teacher & a student/ sometimes i think screw it but i know i gotta do it/ ima winner, never losin, even wen im losin/ right now i feel like cruisin, takin another brew in/ listenin 2 my 2 tens, breathin in the cool wind/ thinkin bout some true shit, realize the trueness/ that im not the coolest but im close to it/ o i thot u knew it, hartless run thru it/ want that new blue 6, need 2 tie up loose ends/ i been known 2 get ruthless so dont be foolish/ fire prawn stew spit, dont u get the clue kid/ my crew do bids 4 bein 2 stupid/ & loose a few kids just 4 bein clueless/ im lookin 2 recruit then, everyday i lose men/ my lil brother blew it now he lookin 2 lose ten/

Thursday, May 9, 2013


my release so sicc, craccin lyrics like a whip/ unsanitary spit is what dribble off my lip/ my 1st typed cypher, a hip hop lifer/ known to walk the wire when the situation dyer/ i keep the mission riffin, still searchin 4 whats missin/ whats lost will be found in another dimension/ y everybody snitchin sendin good folks to prison/ its such a contradiction from that "thug" life? u livin/ im now graduatin from the bs n hatin/ patiently waitin for 4 an opportunity to take it/ breathe lyrics like air so simple but amazin/ i c your eye brows raisin wen jon hartless make a statement/ i got 2 pennies too, so i guess we got 4/ if everybody put theres in then we'll have alot more/ buildin empires together need a sturdy foundation/ no matter what the weather we gon hit the town blazin/


It’s the m-I-c hip hop fantasy/ Brought 2 u by h-a-r-t/ l-e double $ sign me/ s-a-u-c double e/ c-r-I 2 the mutha-effin p/ I rep that crip til im r-I-p/ I don’t really care if I sell 1 c.d./ Make a livin n the kitchen, chef boy r-d/ U wna cum against me, u’ll need an army/ Take more than cement n steel 2 bar me/ I rip this microphone wit far more ease/ I shift more dope n burn more trees/ Only n ur wild fantasy u cud b me/ Really think u cud walk n my shoes, please/ I live a crazy life that most people couldn’t handle/ I write it down, spit it out n turn the page like a channel/