Wednesday, May 29, 2013


i love 2 make music, time 4 me 2 prove it/ get me out this ruin, ima teacher & a student/ sometimes i think screw it but i know i gotta do it/ ima winner, never losin, even wen im losin/ right now i feel like cruisin, takin another brew in/ listenin 2 my 2 tens, breathin in the cool wind/ thinkin bout some true shit, realize the trueness/ that im not the coolest but im close to it/ o i thot u knew it, hartless run thru it/ want that new blue 6, need 2 tie up loose ends/ i been known 2 get ruthless so dont be foolish/ fire prawn stew spit, dont u get the clue kid/ my crew do bids 4 bein 2 stupid/ & loose a few kids just 4 bein clueless/ im lookin 2 recruit then, everyday i lose men/ my lil brother blew it now he lookin 2 lose ten/

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