Thursday, May 9, 2013


my release so sicc, craccin lyrics like a whip/ unsanitary spit is what dribble off my lip/ my 1st typed cypher, a hip hop lifer/ known to walk the wire when the situation dyer/ i keep the mission riffin, still searchin 4 whats missin/ whats lost will be found in another dimension/ y everybody snitchin sendin good folks to prison/ its such a contradiction from that "thug" life? u livin/ im now graduatin from the bs n hatin/ patiently waitin for 4 an opportunity to take it/ breathe lyrics like air so simple but amazin/ i c your eye brows raisin wen jon hartless make a statement/ i got 2 pennies too, so i guess we got 4/ if everybody put theres in then we'll have alot more/ buildin empires together need a sturdy foundation/ no matter what the weather we gon hit the town blazin/

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