Wednesday, May 29, 2013


its time 4 me to C the light, time 2 change my life/ 1st step i gotta take, gettin rid of my wife/ no more stress, no more drama now i can have a clear mind/ & the 2nd step i'll take is 2 quit livin trife/ no more faulty people around me that can stab my baccside/ i dont wanna have to ride, i'd rather roll up n get high/ just sit bacc & write rhymes, sip the gac n spit lines/ u dont wanna C my bad side n i dont wanna be the bad guy/ 3rd step i'll take, quit fuccin wit these hoes/ cuz they only dig for gold & i cant have that in my life/ i cant take no more lies, thats not the way i roll/ i can tell i'm gettin old, my senses r startin 2 grow/ i can C thru the hate, still i stand in the cold/ i can C thru the fake but dont know what the future holds/ i do have future goals & some lifetime aspirations/ so the 4th step i'm takin, is self preservation/

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