Friday, May 31, 2013


crazy thoughts all the time, like parasites in my mind/
searchin thru the darkness 4 a single ray of sunshine/
never been gun shy, never will i run & hide/
im standin up for the fight, willin to fight 4 my rights/
never will a break stride, accepted my role in life/
born with enhanced sight so i use it when i write/
apply it 2 everyday life keep pushin til i get it right/
& if i get a chance 2 save a life i'll save a life/
no more pipe dreams, no more pill fiends/
all done wit plot schemes time 2 produce real green/
time 4 a new scene the last one was bootsy/
time 4 a new queen the last few were moody/
i have visions of the future, up early like a rooster/
2day i awoke normal one day i'll be super/
might take a few years but it could be sooner/
stay focused on the prize aka str8 shooter/

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