Saturday, July 27, 2013


fucc stewy, your reputation kinda puny/ if u a made man then I'm king louie/ u scare your own shadow, i attacc like a hewi/ I'm in the dictionary daily, wont let the rap game consume me/ I'll eat u like a soupy, shit u out poopy/ now your days as a rapper lookin gloomy/ u'za white boy wit waves, what more can i say/ u prolly shave your armpits, chest & your legs/ u look like a witch, act like a snitch/ rap like a tricc so u must be a bitch/ one more word, have u swimmin wit the fish/ i got hand made weapons courtesy of griffis/ I've learned how to use em, i know what i'm doin/ some still say that i over abuse em/ fucc a metaphor I'll get str8 to the point/ when i kill you its strictly 4 the joy/

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