Wednesday, July 3, 2013


st. francis 2 the westside, i'm 12 years old/ had 2 crash my sisters pad cuz i ran away from home/ 5-0-8 west sac, on the corner of warner/ we blazin up saccs, no one 2 make me follow orders/ 2nd story off da balcony, tryna macc a bz/ gettin faded, actin silly how we started n.c.c./ nor cal crip, we all jumped each other in/ the crew was real tight, a real gang bacc then/ broke apart, went our own way, still bangin crip/ moved around the westside, columbus and west 6th/ doin stupid shit, jaccin cars, ditchin school/ robbin cribs, paccin nines, dam i was cool/ cuzzo bangin on the door told me the homie got iced/ man that shits not right i was with him last nite/ rest in peace juicy juice u will always be remembered/ its a cold cold world when the great fall like timber/

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