Wednesday, July 3, 2013


dreams, nightmares, fantasy, reality/ screams, chills, sweats, u feelin me/ whats real, whats fake, in this life whats it take/ whats at stake, whos on the take, what is fate, dont close the gate/ im open 2 suggestions, insightful information/ about this world n whats comin, its becomin a frustration/ am i awake, am i asleep, what secrets does the government keep/ once a boy now a man feel im n the matrix land/ torn between 2 worlds/ its a crazy as life more complicated than girls/ u never know whats gonna happen, cant predict a damn thing/ everyone n everything has to go thru a change/ we gotta maintain, try to keep a sain brain/ cuz in todays age drugs n alcohol to blame/ most people cant separate dreams from reality/ thats a tragedy and becoming a common casualty/

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