Thursday, March 21, 2013


As the phoenix rises I look into his eyes/
Death stare, mean mug no other focus n mind/
Ask him r u here 4 me, said he hasn’t decided/
& theres a lot u have 2 learn b4 u retire/
Thers an indictment on your life u got a hole new assignment/ Have 2 narrow ur alignment, stop comittin crimes/
Robin hood times, be strategic wit your rhymes/
don’t be selfish wit your grind, as well avoid all confinement/
Just then I awoke, chest beatin, heart speakin/
Was that a dream up n smoke or was I barkin wit the phoenix/ Realest thing I ever felt, ive been hounded by demons/
Ive been bound by these creatures, their sycadelic leaches/
But now that im reaching great heights n my time/
Still know that I’m the type to keep a knife by my side/
Imma do onto others as they do onto my life/
Until my demise Jon Hartless gon ride/